Golf Tournaments

If you’re new to golf, then let us start by saying welcome to the sport.  The game of golf is a fun game that you can play throughout your lifetime.  The origins of gold date back to the Dutch where a similarly named game was first played with sticks and leather balls filled with feathers.  The game then found a great deal of popularity in Scotland but faced repeated banning’s by different Kings until around the 1700s when they finally began playing it themselves and started enjoying it.  The first golfing club and tournaments were held in Scotland and soon after England.  However, it wasn’t long before golf spread from to England’s colonies and became a sport played worldwide.

Since the game has spread a number of major tournaments have been developed, many of which involve playing 36 holes.  These tournaments are long, but rewarding and show which golfers are truly at the top of the game.  Check out Emre Umar’s Hole in one in the picture below.  Any newer golfer looking to enter the game should spend time watching the master’s tournaments.

Major Men’s Tournaments

Originally there were two British tournaments for the majors: The Open Championship and The Amateur Championship and two American tournaments: The U.S. Open and the U.S. Amateur.  Then the Master’s Tournament was added in 1934 and as golf’s professional circuit grew in popularity in the 1940s and 50s the Masters began including all of the above plus the PGA Championship.

April – the Masters Tournament is hosted in Georgia every year.

June – the U.S. Open is hosted on the 3rd Sunday in June each year and played at different locations in the U.S. each year.

July – the Open Championship is hosted at one of ten links course locations in the United Kingdom.

August – the PGA Championship is held the 3rd weekend prior to Labor Day weekend and played at various locations across the U.S.

Women’s Golf

Women’s golf has not seen the attention which men’s golf has, but that is changing and there are now major tournaments for women, too.  Currently there are five major championship tournaments for women each year.   The five championships are as follows:

  • ANA Inspiration
  • Women’s PGA Championship
  • S. Women’s Open
  • Women’s British Open
  • The Evian Championship

Before the era of five major championships there were four.  Right now, women’s golf doesn’t have the major sponsors like women’s golf does, but it is gaining more support each year and hopefully it will see the same attention as men’s golf eventually.

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