Best Christmas gifts for the golfer in your life

In 2014 alone there were reports stating that more than 25 million Americans golfed. The game has stayed interesting for older generations, but now millennials are taking up the game. This holiday season, it may be a challenge to find the right gift for a new golfer or a seasoned pro. You want to make sure you aren’t missing out on something they really need. Below I have listed a few gift ideas that are sure to make the golfer in your life very happy.

New to golfing

Whether the golf lover in your life is new to playing or has always had an interest but never played seriously, golf lessons are a great way to improve their game. The gift can be given in the form of a certificate and they can schedule when they will go. They’ll be ready to take on the warm weather with a great game.

Rain Gear

If you have an all-year-round golfer in your life, golfing during certain seasons can be a challenge. Especially if you like in a city like Seattle. A golf bag rain hood will be able to keep all the clubs dry while they are golfing. A detachable hood that can snap on and off as needed and folds up to a small size so it is easy to store in the bag or in the car.

Custom Golf Balls

The price of this present will vary, based on how many you’d like to order, colors, designs, and, of course, which company you are ordering through. You can order it with initials, numbers, a full name, and designs in different colors. They will always know which ball is theirs! Because this is a custom job, always allow more time to order them before the holiday season. As with all orders during the holidays, delays can be expected.

New golf bag

Ordering a new bag to replace one that has been worn and torn through many holes on the green. An avid golfer will typically need a new bag every 2-4 years. You can even customize the bag to your loved one’s taste, the color, size, amount of pockets/compartments, and their name stitched on. A new golf bag will be a big present they will be happy to open Christmas morning.

Golfing is a becoming a more popular sport every year, more and more people are interested in playing the game. You can help your loved one have the best golf equipment to make all their golf buddies jealous.

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